Date Picker Options

Probably more of a general app development question, but is there any way to customize the date picker especially on mobile? E.g. on iOS instead of showing a dial selection show a full calendar like Android. From what little understanding I have, I believe the date picker is tied to the OS, but wanted to verify.

At this stage, the date-input and datetime-input is not customizable.

Hi @fthomas

Yes, date-picker is tied to the OS. I’m interested as to why you would like to use a commonly Android component on iOS - is the dial not meeting the needs of your specific flow, or do you just prefer the full calendar to the dial layout?

We should keep in mind that Android users are used to their native date-picker, the full calendar, whereas iOS users are more familiar with their native date-picker, the dial.

Hi Marne. We don’t have any specific requirements at this point. It was a speculative question from our client to see what our options are if any. You make a fair point on user comfortability.