Branch Protection with Github and OXIDE

Hi Guys

I know the OXIDE → Github (GH) integration does some magic and so I want to know how to implement Branch Protection on GH that will work in OXIDE? Basically I want to stop my developers from pushing directly to protected branches and force them to use Pull requests (PRs) instead.

Hi Fred

That is an excellent question.

The magic you are referring to is likely just that our Github (GH) app, the journeyapps-platform app, requires administrator level access to your GH app.

What this means is that the OXIDE GH integration has administrator level access to the GH repos. Therefore, if you want to enable Branch Protection, or any other similar Github rules, you need to keep that in mind.

Practically, for Branch Protection it means the following minimum settings to ensure branch protection will work with the OXIDE → GH integration (at least in so far as not allowing direct pushes to the protected branch and requiring PRs instead)

The setting ‘Do not allow bypassing the above settings’ is needed to ensure that even repo administrators, like the OXIDE → GH integration, adheres to these rules.

I hope this helps