Can I store and access PDFs in my app

Can I store PDF’s and retrieve those via a button in the app? I tried to get to the PDF’s we store on our corporate google drive but Im unable to do so from my phone because I would have to be logged into my google account which we cannot do on a non company device, not only that our google account is set up with a certificate for authentication. I thought it would be easier to have the PDFS stored in JourneyApps.



JourneyApps DBs allows for the storage of most of the common file types (with the exception of videos) directly in the DB using the ‘attachment’ data type (docs here)
Files that are stored directly in the JourneyApps DB in this manner can be retrieved from within your app when the user is online.

Alternatively you can store your files on a third-party file storage system, like Google Drive or Dropbox, and include a link to the file in the database instead. This is the recommended route for accessing video files from within the application.

For more information on accessing files while the user is offline, please read this topic.