Can the title of the view be toggled?

I want to disable the title on mobile devices. Is there a way to toggle the title?

Have you tried the following? In increasing order of complexity:

  1. <view title="">
  2. <view title="{my_view_variable}">
  3. <view title="{$:getTitle()}">

option 3 requires the function to be defined in the View JS as follows:

function getTitle() {
   if (someCondition) {
     return 'This View Title';
   else {
     return 'That View Title';

The concept behind 2 is "string interpolation" or "dynamic string formatting" and you can find more info here:

The concept behind 3 is "calling JS functions from XML" (it gets the value for the formatted string from a JS function) and there is more info here:

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Works beautifully. Thanks @KobieBotha