Capture Photo EXIF

From my vague understanding of EXIF data, it sounds like what data is captured is dependent on the camera used. I ran a quick test using a capture-multiple with 1 photo and running an EXIF extraction library on it:

var ExifImage = require('exif').ExifImage;
export async function run() {
    var cs_img = await DB.checksheet_image.where("photo != ?", null).first();
    console.log(`Checking first img: ${cs_img} (${})`)
    try {
        new ExifImage({ image : await }, function (error, exifData) {
            if (error)
                console.log('Error: '+error.message);
                console.log(exifData); // Do something with your data!
    } catch (error) {
        console.log('Error: ' + error.message);

And the result:


Is the JourneyApps camera capturing any EXIF data? If not, is there a reason for that? Or am I missing something?

Hi Fletcher,

The JourneyApps camera is currently not capturing any EXIF data. The reason for this is that it’s not implemented.

I’ve captured this into our feedback tracker for you. Are you able to provide some information into your use case? Are you trying to correlate the camera EXIF gps info with the device’s location?

I think it’s reasonable to say that any of information generally captured as EXIF data could be captured by other means in Journey Apps in response to the photo being captured. The ask was more from a curiosity standpoint, but there’s something to be said for having location/device related EXIF data in case a photo is downloaded from Journey apps without the contextual metadata. Probably a low priority item though

Thanks for the extra context. As a workaround you could possibly use something like Piexifjs to write your own EXIF into the jpg manually (but I haven’t tested this).