Catching code errors

Good day

We have a problem of app code errors not being reported / identified.

Human nature is often to ignore an error dialog box, unless the error prevents the user from continuing. As app developers we take pride in our apps and would want to be immediately notified the first time an error presents itself and resolve it immediately. Reality is that errors (that did not surface during testing) make their way to production (sadly) and often only come to our attention weeks or worse months done the line.

What is the best way of catching code errors, both on XML and JS and getting that information centrally logged? Thanks.

You could make use of a try...catch to handle and report errors. In the catch, you could save the error to a DB model so that you could track the error without requiring the error to be reported by end users.

Thanks, not really the solution I was hoping for. That would involve massive code rewrites on every single function (some pages have 20 functions) and would not handle xml errors either.

I was hoping for some built in container based error logging. Perhaps something to consider for journeys Dev roadmap.