Changing object-table attributes in config.json


I am trying to change the default background color of the object-table app wide by adding a components object to my light theme. However, after deploying this, it doesn’t seem to actually change the object-table background color. Am I missing something?

Hi Alex

The style- attributes on object-table currently are not supported in these config.json theming options. We have noted this issue internally to get it fixed.

As a workaround for now you could use the attributes on an object-table (will need to add them to each object-table individually) and you can pass in a function to dynamically get a color based on the current theme. E.g.

function getBackgroundColor() {    
    if (journey.config.getTheme() === 'light')  {       
        return 'red';    
    } else if (journey.config.getTheme() === 'dark')  {        
        return 'green';    
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