Cloudcode "test task" in Staging or Production?

In Oxide, is it possible to manually run a task that uses Production data? I have a code branch that pulls an email address based on environment, and it would help to see how it behaves in Production.

@mwalton at the moment the only way to accomplish this is to execute the task using Test task but connect to the Production DB instead of the standard/default Testing DB using the createRemoteDB syntax (docs) . However, in this instance the invocation will still be in the “testing” environment and so this.env == 'testing'.

That said, I will add your voice to the feature request for allowing developers to manually execute a CC task in any environment.

Thanks Tielman. I am trying to do some testing, but something isn’t right with my test task in CloudCode. Would it be possible for someone to take a look at it with me? I have to be missing something

Sure thing, feel free to reach out to us on and make sure you include a link to the app and the name of the CC task you are struggling with.