Dialog Box Open Flag

I have an instance where I would like to define logic flow based on whether a dialog box is open.
My clunky method at first attempt was setting a boolean variable true when opened and false when closed.
Is there a built in flag in js that would give me the status of a dialog box based on its id?


@jdavidpugh That is unfortunately not currently possible, but an excellent idea for our roadmap. I will submit the idea on your behalf and hopefully this is something we can add in a future release.

For now your work around seems reasonable. Consider creating a helper function that both shows the dialog and sets the flag. Something like this.

var dialogStatus = {};
function showDialog(dialogID) {
    dialogStatus[dialogID] = true; // flags which dialog is showing
    component.dialog({id: dialogID}).show();

function hideDialog(dialogID) {
    dialogStatus[dialogID] = null; // clears flags
    component.dialog({id: dialogID}).hide();

If you do take this route you will need to ensure that every dialog has the auto-hide="false" flag set to make sure you control when the dialog is closed and can clear the flag accordingly

@tielman That was my original solution. The end game was modification of Realwear Voice Commands for say a delete confirmation dialog with single syllable “Yes”/“No” commands. My final solution was to actually change the Journey.voice command registration with the helper functions that open and close the dialog.

function buttonDeleteDialog() {
    component.dialog({ id: "deleteitem" }).show();

function buttonPressDelete() {

function buttonDeleteCancel() {
    component.dialog({ id: "deleteitem" }).hide();

@tielman While we are asking… an on-open, on-close trigger would probably be really nice.
That may actually be more useful than a static flag.

<dialog on-open="$:openfunction()" on-close="$:closefunction()">
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