Disable Webhooks

Hi Friends

How do I temporarily disable webhooks from firing?

I have a ready webhook triggered CC task that I use for integration purposes, but now I want to do a bulk data update, about ~100k records, and I don’t want to cause 100k webhooks to be triggered.

How can I temporarily disable the webhook, do the data updates and then re-enable the webhook afterwards?

Hi @forumfred

At time of writing, the only way to disable a webhook is to remove the webhook definition from your datamodel (schema.xml) or to change the definition to have a required field that would preclude any and all of your updates from actually triggering the webhook (basically webhook required field that isn’t set).

That said, we are investigating the feasibility of allowing you to disable / enable specific webhooks from the backend itself, but as of yet we don’t have any timelines for this feature.