Dynamic values for single-choice-radio

A single-choice-radio component allows users to make a single selection from a pre-defined set of options.

I’m doing a dynamic assembly of a form via object-repeat. The form can have different answers for different questions (for example, True/False for one question, Yes/No for another).
Also, I cannot use pre-prepared choice variables, since it is assumed that users can enter their own option captions (like Y/N).

Is there any possibility to do those dynamic values? Or is it planned to somehow implement that the captions for the options can be set as a bind for an array (that could be generated in JS, like sortings for tables)?

At the time of writing this, it is not currently possible to dynamically define single-choice-radio options and this is not currently defined on our roadmap. Please visit our public roadmap where you can upvote current features under consideration and you can also submit new ideas.

Another option could be to use the object-dropdown component as it can be bound to a query and could be used to display your dynamic list of answers.