Embed Map Image in HTML

I have an HTML component in a view that’s displayed to users. Above this is a capture-coordinates component. I would like to embed an image of the currently selected coordinates within the HTML for the purposes of generating a PDF. The best way I can think of to do this is to post the current coordinates in and use Google APIs to render a map, but this feels a little too “reinvent the wheely” to me. Anyone have other suggestions for a “cleaner” method?

Hi @fthomas

Nope, unfortunately when generating a PDF you are essentially outside of “prebuilt JourneyApps UI components” land and as such you cannot re-use any of the JourneyApps components. So if you want to display a map you will need to use a Maps library / API.

I would probably not recommend using Google Maps API (their usage terms were more restrictive than some of the other providers, ie Mapbox, if I remember correctly).