Facing issue while calling cc on button click

Hi ,

I am unable to execute CC on button click.I am getting below error.
Class constructor JourneyError cannot be invoked without ‘new’"

This is how i am calling cc.

function asc() {

 var params = {





  var response = CloudCode.callTask('asadadasdd', params);


  return response;


function xya() {


Hi @taranbirbajwa,

Have a look at your CloudCode task logs, you will most likely find more information about your error there as I expect the error is coming from your CC task code.

You can find CC task logs, or officially referred to as CloudCode Invocation History, by opening the CMDPanel (double tap shift key) and typing in “CloudCode Invocation History”.

If you do not see the error there, please add more details to your question so that we can help diagnose the issue better.