Filename limitations

Hi Guys

What are the limitations on filenames for Attachments created in JourneyApps?

I ran into this error when creating a PDF from CC, the filename included a single quote / apostrophe (which I assume is the problem character?)

16:59:15.563 [TASK:INFO] CrudError: Crud operations failed.
  staging_area dfc65a61-.......: 'filename' has invalid characters.
  report_staging_area 62028ff9-.......: 'filename' has invalid characters.
    at /var/task/app/cloudcode/report_staging_area/node_modules/@journeyapps/db/src/Batch.ts:138:31
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
    at (/var/task/app/cloudcode/report_staging_area/index.ts:112:9) {
  errors: [
    { object: [DatabaseObject], operation: 'patch', error: [Object] },
    { object: [DatabaseObject], operation: 'patch', error: [Object] }
16:59:15.615 [TASK:ERROR] {
  type: 'INVALID_VALUE',
  title: 'Invalid value specified.',
  detail: "'filename' has invalid characters.",
  see: ''

Furthermore, it seems that if I upload a file, the filename contain more characters than when I want to create a file / Attachment from CloudCode.
For example I could upload this filename Изображение WhatsApp 2024-05-24 в 09.23.36_dffce65a.jpg but could not create the same filename from CloudCode.

Good question!

The following characters are allowed in filenames for attachments uploaded to the backend:

  • Lowercase alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9)
  • Under score (_), hyphen (-), period (.) and space ( )

For ease of use, our apps “sanitize” filenames before uploading attachments to the backend, hence these filename restrictions do not apply there.