Filter Data on Last Modified

In the data browser, the data is automatically sorted by last modified:

I’d love to be able to filter data based on this, but I don’t see it when looking through the filter options. Have I missed it and if not can this be added?

@fthomas Unfortunately that field is not currently exposed to developers or end users.

You can see the value via the Backend API, it is included in the object payload under updated_at.
Technically you can query by it using the backend API as well, but then you need to reference it as “_updated_at” and stick to less than (or less than equal) and greater than (or greater than equal) operations (For timestamps exact equality is kind of meaningless because precision, clock-skew, etc…) In this way you can filter the data by last modified

For example

// Readable version[_updated_at.gte]=2020-02-12T05:01:22Z&query[_updated_at.lte]=2020-02-24T22:15:50Z

// Encoded version[_updated_at.gte]=2020-02-12T05%3A01%3A22Z&query[_updated_at.lte]=2020-02-24T22%3A15%3A50Z

As for adding it as a filter option to the backend data browser, I will add that as a feature request

Thanks Tielman. Note: for testing these endpoints via curl, I did have to change query to just q. I also wasn’t able to make the lte&gte command work, but either one on it’s own did:

curl --globoff[_updated_at.gte]=2021-07-19T05%3A01%3A22Z ^
	-H "Authorization: Bearer O:REDACTED"

curl --globoff[_updated_at.gte]=2021-04-19T05%3A01%3A22Z&q[_updated_at.lte]=2021-04-21T22%3A15%3A50Z ^
	-H "Authorization: Bearer O:REDACTED"

// Returns: 'q[_updated_at.lte]' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.