Filtering, Searching and Sorting on a Controlled Object-table

Hi Developers,

I’m trying to implement a controlled table but didn’t find enough information about how to program the filtering, searching and Sorting manually.

After getting some logs I see the table state includes information about those attributes like so

“sorting”:[{“key”:“7”,“type”:“asc”,“column”:“Serial Number”}]

So I’m wondering if there is an attribute or function I can use to simply pass those values or if I need to decode that object and translate it to the array function sort in the way of return obj.column - obj.colum (Which can be more complex as I need to validate column type to define the right way to sort).

Similar question for Search and Filter


Thank you,

Hi @jonathan-villamil

Please try out our OXIDE Showcase: Object Tables template app. This has a fairly extensive controlled-table implementation, including sorting and filtering, that should help a lot.