How do I access a Node package that i've added as an "App Package"

In my TS app, i’ve added a node package and the package.json was automatically updated. How do I use the package either in a module or a view, i.e. the equivalent of the following in CloudCode:
const fs = require("fs");

So what you’ll want to do is use the import statement.
Here is a quick example, let’s say I’ve added the lodash package in my app via Oxide, to import it in my view.ts files and use it, you will do the following:

import _ from "lodash";

async function init () {
    const users = await DB.user.all().toArray();
    // Split the data in users array into two seperate arrays
    const chunkedArray = _.chunk(users, 2);
    // Expected output: [ [...], [...] ]
    console.log(JSON.stringify(chunkedArray, null, 2));