How do I access the parent data model that a data model belongs to?

e.g. if I have parent_model and it ‘has-many’ child_model

If I access one of them e.g. iterating through objects in DB.child_model.all().toArray()
how do I access the current iteration’s parent_model and access that parent’s fields?

You should be able to retrieve the parent_model by referencing it from the child_model as child_model.parent_model()

Example with below schema:

    <model name="parent" label="Parent">
        <field name="name" label="Name" type="text" />
        <has-many model="child" name="children" />

    <model name="child" label="Child">
        <field name="name" label="Name" type="text" />
        <belongs-to model="parent" />

App code:

var children =  DB.child.all().toArray();
for (var i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
    var child = children[i];
    var parent = child.parent();
    var parentName =;