How to install libraries (required by NPM package) to use them in CloudCode task

I need to generate a chart, so I wanted to use NPM package anychart-nodejs ( ).

In the description on that NPM package are two requirements:

AnyChart NodeJS module requires ImageMagick and librsvg to create images.

So, when I try to use that package in the CloudCode Task, I get those warnings:

[TASK:WARN] Warning! Please install imagemagick utility.
[TASK:WARN] Warning! Please install rsvglib utility.

Is it possible somehow to install those utilities?
Or could you recommend any better way in JA to generate 3D Bar Chart, based on the app data?

Hi @khilda

I can recommend something like ChartJS (

That will work without any additional libraries

Hi @tielman,
Yes, I saw that library, but it doesn’t have the exact chart which I need, doesn’t have export in PNG/JPG formats and can’t create charts on the server side (I need to create chart in the CloudCode task).

Could you please give me an answer to my main question about two utilities? Is it possible to add those?

Hi @khilda

You don’t have access to the OS from within CC and so cannot add any OS libraries, like the ones required for your Charting Library.

If you just need an image of a chart, you can try something like this:

But I am sure there a lots of other Node JS charting libs

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