How to resolve signatures not sync'd to the database?


I got a scenario where the user is usually in a bad reception area or there is no connectivity. Is there a way in which we can make sure the signature has sync with the database to allow us to create reports. Sync rules are set up for the data model which consist of a field type of a signature.

There 2 signature fields for the data model, one doesn’t sync while the other does.


Hello @sisa-zaza

Could you email with a link to the app and associated code so that we can further investigate this issue? We can post any findings here to help the community with syncing signatures.

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@sisa-zaza Before logging a support ticket, you may also reference this post to implement a webhook that triggers the report task once the attachment has uploaded.

For this implementation, the signature fields would have to be on the same model that triggers webhook for the report task.

Additionally, here are three ways to check that attachments are synced to the OnlineDB:

// Option 1
if ( === 'uploaded') {
   var original =;

// Option 2
if ( {
   var original =;

// Option 3
if ( {
   var original =;

Hi @travisroach , will cause an error as the photo is null. I tried the above but doesnt work. I did log a support ticket though.

I got two fields in one data-model that store user_one_signature and user_two_signature. They both get signed on the same screen but for some objects/records, user_two_signature is always present.

I have asked the support team to add the solution to this community entry…

Hi @sisa-zaza

If is null then it means the photo was not captured at all, it does not mean that the photo hasn’t been synched yet. If the photo was captured but not synched then will not be null, but will be false.

Is your problem that one or both of the signatures are not captured at all, or are they captured but not synched at the time when you try to create the report?

Hi @tielman

The problem is that both signatures are captured but one of the signature is not synced at all.
To continue with the workflow, both signatures need to be captured. If one signature is missing then the user is blocked from continuing with the workflow.

Ok. That sounds like a bug then. @travisroach ’s instincts were right, please contact support providing us with one or two examples (links to objects in the backend) where one signature is present but the other not. Also provide a link to the codebase and the full path of the view in question where the signatures are captured.

We are reviewing an existing support ticket logged by Sisa. Thanks @tielman

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