How to serve html-bridge content locally and use it in an app?

How to serve Journey IFrameClient (aka html-bridge) content locally, and use it in an app by specifying localhost as the source for the html component and using .post and .on methods to the locally served instance.

You can use one of the following packages to locally serve the HTML file in your distribution folder:

![enter image description here](upload://86sH91tM2GCPPsVBrrimGU8QG8P.png)

Then update the html component in your editor to point to this URL. You don't need to change any of your .post or .on methods, they will work exactly the same. The only thing you might need to do is specify the HTML height:

    <html src="" show-fullscreen-button="false" height="600px"/>

If you want to test on another device which is not on your network you can use something like ngrok.