How to update Location

I would like to be able to update location data in my data tables. The problem is that the location data appears to be read only? Why is this? My goal was to have facilities searched and navigated to by address. In the event the address is “off” being able to update the location from the device GPS to fine tune the location. Alas, the location data appears to no be able to be saved and can only be modified in the backend.

@jdavidpugh Hmm, that should not be the case. How are you trying to update the location data, using the <capture-location /> component?

Yes by writing those back to the location data table…
According to the documentation they are read only and it gives an error that they are not writable…


I solve my navigation by first looking for lat/long coords ?

If they dont exist I resolve the address…

I was just gonna use those for fine tuning where we need to go…say the back entrance of a facility etc…


This is from the docs… and I was trying to save data back to the location field on my facility.
It doesn’t like it when you try to do that LOL

Accessing GPS Information from JavaScript / Format Strings

These properties of a GPS location variable or field can be accessed from JavaScript and Format Strings, but cannot be modified:

  • latitude
  • longitude
  • altitude
  • horizontal_accuracy
  • vertical_accuracy
  • timestamp