Image as button

Is there a way for me to use an image as a button?

This is not possible with the display-image component.

There is a possible workaround that makes use of the list component with the src and action properties that would allow you to click on an image. However, this is not the intended use of the list component so there will be a border around the list-item.

Our suggestion is to make use of the button component for any call to actions, which can also be customized with custom icons.

From a UI design point of view I would wonder about intuitiveness of having an image as a button, but if absolutely necessary it is possible to accomplish this using the extensible HTML component and the JourneyApps iFrame Client.

Please note, any implementation using the JourneyApps iFrame Client is considered advanced should be approached as such. Please see the ‘Communicating with the HTML Component’ section of our HTML component documentation, here

Hi Tielman, Thanks for the information. We will be sure to check it out.

As for the intuitiveness for having an image as a button: it is for a survey and on the main view we have an image of a big, yellow button that says START, which takes up the vast majority of the screen… I am quite sure it will be intuitive for users to click on it to start the survey. :wink: :grin:

Hi Jaimie, thanks for the reply. We kind of want to make this button stand out, since it will be the main component on the screen and having a simple button would leave the vast majority of the screen blank. This is for the survey I have been emailing you about.