Import Objects with Files

The backend data import from the data browser is very convenient, but from what I can tell there is no way to use it to upload file fields. This makes sense given browser permission limitations, but regardless I have a use case to upload a bunch of files into objects. Does anyone have a good way to do this with a reasonable level of effort? Or does it have to be an API-based application and I should just upload them manually and save myself the effort?

@fthomas Re the backend data browser, you can upload files, just not in bulk via CSV import.

Your most obvious other options are

  1. In App using a capture-file component (would still be 1 file at a time though)
  2. In App using an HTML bridge implementation that would allow multiple file upload at the same time
  3. Using the Backend API (this is probably the simplest implementation to allow you to batch the creation of the files)
  4. In CloudCode - reading the files from a “web accessible” site, like an FTP site, or just direct links to the hosted file(s)

Depending on your exact requirements (and how many files you need to upload), you could also consider uploading a single zip file and then splitting those out into it’s separate individual files using CloudCode (or in App)

I hope that helps

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That definitely helps, thank you Tielman. Uploading a single zip and then unzipping it programmatically to create objects for each is a great idea. I think that will actually work for what we’re doing.

Thanks, have a great weekend!