Is it possible to customize the hamburger menu on the top right?

Is it possible to customize the hamburger menu on the top right?

Yes, you are able to customise the following hamburger menu (top right) components:

  • logo in the menu (.png only)
  • items in the menu
  • value of the notification indicator (see the docs)

Here is a link to the documentation regarding the hamburger menu.

At this time, you need to edit your editor's URL to access this functionality, .e.g.

Here is an example of a customer hamburger menu:

<!-- Manually control the number displayed on the app's badge, like this: -->
<!-- <notifications indicator="$:appBadgeCount()" /> -->
        <!-- Add custom entries to the hamburger menu -->
            <!-- images/gunnebo_logo.png Declaring type="messages" will override the default Messages entry -->
            <!-- <item type="messages" label="In-tray" icon="ion-filing"  on-press="viewIntray()" indicator="$:intrayNewCount()" /> -->
            <!-- Declaring type="custom" will add a new entry -->
            <!-- <item type="custom" label="Order Coffee" icon="ion-coffee"  on-press="orderCoffee()" /> -->
            <item type="custom" label="Toggle Theme" icon="ion-ios-toggle" on-press="$:toggleTheme()" />

Some notes:

  • You have to call SharedJS functions, there is no other view logic linked to this view
  • You are unable to change the hamburger menu icon. It will always be the 3 dots.
  • You can't do a global search from within this view.
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