Is there a way to use SQL distinct in a query?

I was just wondering whether this feature is perhaps available.

Hi @chansmann

Do you mean you want to query the JourneyApps DB in your App using something like SQL distinct?


For example,
an animal can be spotty or striped (characteristic field)
and an owner can own more than one animal

Then if I want to query for all owners with striped animals
I may get duplicate owners if I use .include on the characteristic field
and then I want to reduce the owners to a distinct set so that I can display the owners on some ui component

Does that make sense?

Hi @chansmann

That makes sense, thank you for clarifying.

We do not have a direct way of querying parents based on children fields or children based on parent fields.

Based on your example:
You will have to go through a two step process to get to the unique list of owners:

  1. Query the striped animals and include the owner in the query:
var stripedAnimals = DB.animal.where('striped = ?', true).include('owner').toArray();
  1. You can then use something like a for loop or the array.filter() method to generate a different array containing the unique owners. I have used a for loop in the example code below:
var uniqueOwners = [];
for(var i = 0; i < stripedAnimals.length; i++) {
    // Check if the owner with the same id already exists in the uniqueOwners array
    var index = uniqueOwners.findIndex(function(owner) {
        return === stripedAnimals[i].owner_id;

    // Add the owner to the array if it has not been added yet
    if(index === -1) {
        var uniqueOwner = stripedAnimals[i].owner();

Thanks Nidene!