marker-query doesn't seem to apply the colour, instead it changes it to white when anything is specified

<display-coordinates bind="map_center" allow-dragging="true" allow-zoom="true">
                <marker-query query="hydrants" latitude="{location.latitude}" longitude="{location.longitude}" label="{name}" icon="fa-fire" color="#000" />

When I specify the marker-query without colouring, everything works, but as soon as I set the colour to anything (hex, function return, an asset colour) it changes the marker colour from the default blue-ish to completely white, regardless of the actual colour I’m inputting.

Hi @cjmeyer

This seems like a regression. We will log it as such and let you know once it has been fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Updated to 4.83.6 and while HEX colours can now be added, it still doesn’t work with custom colours. But I’m glad colours are now an option.