Navigation Drawer Levels

Is there a limit to the amount of nested navigation items (levels) in the navigation drawer?

Currently you can have a max of drawer > section > item > items. This is 2 levels deep counting from 0.

To better understand this, here is some examples:

Below you will see we have Section (Active Well) with Item (13B-24B 2701H) and its sub items Quote, Wellbore, ect...

In the case of Active Wells, this is a section that is collapsible with items with child items. This is seen as 2 levels deep, section > item > items Sections are used to group related items with each other. Sections can have headings, can be collapsable and are not associated with a destination.

In the case of 13B-24B 2701H, this is an item that does not link to a view but is collapsible just like a section.

In the case of sub items Quote, Wellbore, ect... that link to specific views. Items are destinations that users can navigate to. An item is associated with a single view in your app. When a user clicks on an item, they will be navigated to its associated view automatically.

Read more here in the docs

![enter image description here](upload://8TzHnb9toiZAUAB5XLJNCftswg.png)