Not Shrinking with no Headers?

I am seeing much different column shrink behavior when removing headers from my columns. See the following simple example build on the layout_and_sizing page of the Object Table Showcase example app:

<object-table label=“Proper Shrink with Header” query=“data” limit=“3”>

    <column heading="Large Col">Some longer text...</column>

    <column heading="Shrink" fit="shrink" icon="fa-trash"></column>


<object-table label="Why no shrink?" query="data" limit="3">

    <column>Some longer text...</column>

    <column fit="shrink" icon="fa-trash"></column>


Which results in:

I am confused at why the fa-trash column is much larger in the table without headers. I’d like to shrink it more and push the icon all the way to the right side. Is there a float right option or something?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This appears to be an issue with columns that do not have headers and fit="shrink" is used on the column. We will investigate and report back with our findings.