On-change event after all changes or with the debounce

Is there any way to track the change not after each value change (= after entering each character in a text or number field), but after all changes?
There are many elements on the view that need to be updated, so JA recalculate all those functions again (and the loader is shown). Is there a built-in ability to change the behavior of on-change function or do I need to write a debounce function on this handler by myself?
(The problem became especially evident after upgrading to the latest runtime version - 4.85.5)

Hi @khilda

Unfortunately the current implementation of the on-change functionality will not allow you to manage this.

In short, that is because the on-change events will be queued in the background and after each one there will be a digest cycle. And so in your case, the problem is likely that the digest cycle is taking a while to complete.

So, for now, please make a feature request on our roadmap for the ability to delay the execution of the on-change function until x time has passed since last key press (or something like that).