Override GPS Coordinate System

Per this post it appears that Journey Apps uses WGS84 coordinate system. Is it possible to specify use of a different one? Specifically I have a client asking to use NZTM 2000.

Hi @fthomas

This is not possible unfortunately as we basically just use what the GPS of the device is using (and as that post mentions - most, if not all, GPS devices are standardized on the WGS84 datum).

If you want to have your coordinates in a different format you will have to convert them from WGS84 to NZTM2000 before using them. This is true for any and all other coordinate systems, i.e. if you want to store the coordinates in a different format then you will need to manually convert from WGS84 to whatever you want to store it in.

That said, for your use case there may not be a need for transformation because of the following:
“It has been common practice to assume that NZGD2000 and WGS84 are the same, for practical purposes. For example, the Standard for New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (effective 16 November 2007) describes WGS84 and NZGD2000 coordinates as identical, at the 1m level. This assumption is not valid where accuracies better than 1m are required.” - reference

So unless you need <1m horizontal accuracy the coordinates should be the same.