Param Object types

Is there a way to pass a javascript object through the parameter in XML to another view? Or a json variable?

I’m not sure what the difference is between a javascript object and a json variable, but an acceptable workaround might be to serialize the object, then send it as a view parameter of type text, and then deserialize it on the other end.

So for example in your first view:
<button label="linktest" on-press="linktest" />

function linktest() {
    var testVar = {a: '1', b: '2'};
    return link.paramtest(JSON.stringify(testVar))

Then, in the second “paramtest” view:
<param name="test" type="text" />

function init() {
    var myVar = JSON.parse(view.test) ;
    dialog('received ', myVar.b);

This should display “received 2”