pdf-reports Fonts

We have a CC task that converts some HTML into a PDF using the standard journeyapps/pdf-reports library. We’re running into an issue with the font, specifically Calibri. If I open this HTML in my browser, the font is correct. But when that same HTML is converted to PDF, it is not.

I’ve read GitHub - journeyapps/pdf-reports: Node library for JourneyApps PDF Service and it sounds like the issue is that web fonts are not available to the generation process. I.e. all font families must be explicitly declared via CSS. But what about header/footer? It sounds like it may be impossible to specify a custom font based off the caveats in my link? Hoping that’s not true and there’s some workaround I’m missing.

And a general guide to getting fontface working from a CloudCode task would also be helpful. We are struggling :slight_smile: