Print/PDF is not showing content in more than 1 page

Regarding Print/PDF table view display, I’m trying to bind more than 25 rows in a table view and I’m expecting more than 2 pages in print file or PDF file, but the print file has content in only one page and the remaining pages are blank, please let me know if there is any samples project/file to get more than one page content in Print/PDF file

Hi Prabhu

My understanding is that you are creating the PDF outside of the app code using our HTML Bridge and JourneyAppsIframe component.

In order to assist we would need to see the codebase of the custom HTML bridge project that is being used to create the PDF file.

In short, the best way to make your HTML bridge project works as expected is to get it to work outside of the application first using demo data and then once it works to “plug it into” your app. In this case, I would make sure your HTML bridge project can successfully create a multi page PDF document just using demo data and then once it renders correctly using demo data you can connect it to the app and have the PDF rather be populated from data from the App.

I hope this helps