Push notifications and DB Syncing

What in app actions cause the container to sync? I used to think this happened each time a view was navigated to, but have noticed this is not always the case. I noticed that push notifications only appear after the container has synced them. I would like to try and list after the conditions that push notifications appear to a client who is making an integration and posting push notifications.

@StevenOntong have you tried using journey.synchronize(). This forces the sync to occur. Please see https://docs.journeyapps.com/reference/technical/data-synchronization-logic--on-the-container-#application for more info on sync logic.

There are a few ways to trigger data synchronization. You can find the full list here in the documentation. The reason you are not always seeing the synchronization occur after a view transition is because data may have already been synchronized in the last 60 seconds. Only after the data has not been synchronized in the last 60 seconds will the container trigger data synchronization on a view transition.

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