Simulate Click on capture-file

As suggested by the title, is it possible to simulate a click to trigger a capture-file component via custom code? My first thought was to see if I could use component, but I’m not seeing anything:



@fthomas Good news, this has already been built and is currently available in v4.84.4 on the BETA channel - latest build.
Proper documentation and release notes to be provided on stable release (exact timing unsure)

Accessible programmatically as follows:


<capture-file id="my-file" bind="file" label="Capture Filr" downloadable="true" />


function captureFileFromJS() {
    component.captureFile({id: 'my-file'}).captureMedia();

Please note, until the ‘official release’ OXIDE may give you a false warning about the component.captureFile syntax, but it should work regardless