"Test Deploy Failed"

I get an alert “Test Deploy Failed”.

Something went wrong.
The user aborted the request.

How can I find the error (at least the filename of the file that contains the error, there is no CC task in Diagnostics) or how can I make the application try to rebuild the application again?

Without seeing the code written in the application, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Open the Deployments in the top panel
  2. Find the deployment that is failing in the list of deployments available for the application
  3. Expand the Deploy Logs
  4. You should see a red cross on the right in the list of deploy logs for the test deploy that failed
  5. Expand the specific deploy log and review

You can also open the Diagnostics panel to identify any errors that are preventing a successful deploy.

Open your command pallet (shift + shift) and search “Diagnostics”. This panel will provide you an overview of all issues, bugs, or info only, which can be toggled using the icons in the top right.

Pro-tip: Alt/option-click on the “Views” root to expand/collapse all issues.

Thanks for an answer!

I have it like that:

Can you please tell me where “Deploy Logs” should be? Did I open the right place?

As I wrote in my question: I tried to find the errors in the “Diagnostics”, but there is no CC tasks, just Views.

My current solution:
I have completely rolled back the changes to the last revision and re-made them. The same code works successfully.

So, I have the same question again - is it possible to somehow start deploying from scratch (it seems that the deployment did not see the latest changes in the CC tasks and didn’t even try to rebuilt it)?

Yes, this is the correct place, however there is no deploy logs availibe with your issue.

I would suggest the following, deploy from the Command Pallet instead of Test Task or from Deploy to Testing buttons and see if this helps. To do so, try the following:

  1. Open the CMD Pallet
  2. Search for Deploy app and hit enter or click it
  3. Select a deployment
  4. Select Continue when asked to save the revision if you made changes

If this fails, refresh the browser and try the steps above again.

@khilda Could you please provide us with the following:

  1. Approximate time this issue occurred
  2. App ID/Oxide URL of the application
  3. Deployment name

I’d like to ask our team to look into this issue as well.

Sorry for the late reply.

  1. It started 14.01.2021 at about 20:30:00
  2. I suppose that the app has the following ID: 5f718d7571f9be000610d3b7 (*** COVID Screen)
  3. It was on Testing (Ref 36d7eaf).

@khilda Thank you for the additional information. Our product team has identified the root cause and released a fix on Friday. Please let us know if you continue having this issue.

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Thanks for your assistance!

So, it works fine now.

The same problem happened on another project. No logs anywhere (I had nothing in Diagnostics and there are no Deploy logs in Deployment), just an error in the right top corner.
When I did a deployment through “Deploy app”, then it seems to be deployed, and then breaks again, although I didn’t changed much in it.
And those broken deploys last for 40 seconds!

  1. It started 19.01.2021 at about 21:40:00
  2. I suppose that the app has the following ID: 5fd8945eead2420006ee261f (*** Field Reports)
  3. It was on Testing (Ref 6898e17).

Again I had to copy the changes, roll back the changes to my last Revision and paste them over again.

Hi @khilda - We are currently reviewing and will get back to you with our findings. Please note that issues such as this are best to be reported directly to our support desk.

Hi @jaimie, I again have the same issue at the COVID app… How I can report to your support desk?

Hello @khilda - I have passed this information to our support desk. You can create support desk tickets by emailing support@journeyapps.com.