Big data syncing

Whats the best practice for syncing ±70 000 records on the device?
And what impact will it have on the performance of the app when displaying those records?

Hi @sisa-zaza,

We have written an extensive guide to improving app performance, which will have many relevant sections for an app with higher data volumes. Improving app performance docs link

For your specific case, I would look into the following, in order:

  1. Is there any way to reduce the amount of data you need to sync? In most cases lowering the amount of data will help to simplify the other options below. Refer to our sync rules guide for more info.
  2. You will need to be very conscious of where and when queries are run in the app, and how big the data set is against which you are running queries. Culprits are often functions called from the XML (e.g. show-if="$:someFunction" ), which are run on each digest cycle.
  3. Look into using indexes for queries.
  4. Avoid querying in loops.
  5. Take special care when displaying big data volumes.

Finally, I would highly recommend that you test the app thoroughly on a similar device to the weakest ones being used in production (in terms of CPU and RAM) with similar data volumes to what can be expected in production. This means you won’t get any surprises if production volume is much higher than expected.

I hope this helps!