Optimize Object-Tables for large datasets

Good day Journey,

I have an desktop screen where i need to display a large set of data (±500 records, 18 columns).
I have added some indexes to the model and the data returns in just over a second, however it takes ±30seconds for the screen to load with the 500 records.
The data is not paginated as the customer wants to scroll through with data and not have it paginated.
I have tried to setting automatic = “false” on the object table but this does not increase the performance noticeably.
Is there anything I can implement to increase the performance of loading the data into the object table?

Thank you

Hi George,

I would recommend looking into Controlled object-tables. It’s more work, but should result in a big performance improvement:

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Hi David,

I did check thought the above link but i think that since i am not using pagination that the controlled table will not increase the performance of my table. I have to display all the results in one page for the customer to scroll through vertically. Is there any other way I can increase the performance of a table which is not paginated?


I would suggest reading through this Improving app performance section of our documentation. Please note that there is a subsection on Views with editable Object Tables, which is also relevant for non-editable object tables.