View Anchors/State Saving

Quick background on use case:

Our users are completing surveys on a building. During that survey they will take multiple photos. We have a view that has a paginated listing for those photos. If they go find a photo on page 3 of the table, select it to view full screen in a new view, and then hit back the result is that they are again on page 1 of the view.

Question 1: is there a way to “save” the page number for a paginated table and automatically open it on view load?

Scenario 2: say the listing of photos were toward the bottom of a view and they have to scroll down to find it. Is it possible upon loading the view to direct the user to the bottom where that table was in which they clicked the link? Like an HTML anchor href by element ID.

We are aware of a workaround being to split out the “large” view into multiple smaller views but looking for other options

Hi Fletcher

For 1: See this post about interacting with the “state” of your object-tables programmatically (which includes pagination)

For 2: This is not currently possible, but makes sense as a feature request. Would you mind logging it on our roadmap, here?

Thanks Tielman. The object table state looks like exactly what we want. Will implement in our form.

For the view anchors, I have logged a feature request.

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