Change the user / device object


We need to change the “user” object, which is the mobile user / device / enrollable object, to “mobile user”. I cannot find where to do this in OXIDE?

Hi Lennie

This can be accomplished by updating the <mobile_user> tag in your application.xml file directly. Simply open the Command Palette, search for application.xml and update the file accordingly.

NB! Caution! This will require all existing users to re-enroll.
Before changing the User Model:

  • Ensure that all existing users have been either deleted or locked from each environment before deploying. Otherwise the deploy will be prevented.
  • Ensure that there are no existing objects for the new selected model on the Testing environment, as well as on Staging and Production before deploying. Otherwise it will not be possible to enroll on the existing objects.
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Thank you Tielman.