Renaming JA Default Data Models

I was wondering if we could rename some of the data models default to JA, such as user and push_notification.

We designate our data models based on where the data objects are coming from, and therefore, would prefer to call these data models app_user and app_push_notification, respectively.

Will this cause problems with the default functionality of JA in some way?

(Thanks to @gjeremenko for the excellent question)

Yes, you can rename them, but it will require you to manually override the default behavior and as such, it is typically not recommended.

The push_notification model is less troublesome to rename, all you will need to do is change the name attribute of the model.

As for renaming the user model, that is more troublesome, unfortunately, but possible if you really have to. It will involve changing which objects the system expects to represent end users and will require all existing users to re-enroll. It will also cause some “confusion” in the App JS as the JS user ​ object will not change to app_user ​. (Please contact support for further assistance on this matter)