Renaming Data Models without Losing Data Objects

Is there a way we can rename data models without losing the data objects within the data model?

I have tried this in the testing environment, though the newly renamed data model shows zero data objects within the data model.

As we are still trying to figure out the best conventions for our systems while our system is growing we may need to do this from time to time… like now. :slight_smile:

I understand we can export data objects, rename the data model, and import the original data objects, though I am wondering if there is a simpler way so we do not have to do this across all environments.

Hi George

The recommended route for “renaming” models or fields, or even for changing field types, would be to add new models or fields then migrate all the data accordingly. Then change the app references to use the new names. Then you need to allow some time for all users to get the reference updates and potentially run the migration again. Only then should you remove the old references.

Unfortunately there is no easy way as there is no concept of renaming models or fields. Renaming is essentially equivalent to cresting a new model or field.

You can obviously change the labels at anytime without great consequence, but not the names.

I hope this helps