Changing from Private to Public iOS app distribution

We are having issues with external users outside of the U.S. downloading our apps… this is due to Apple allowing our redemption codes to only work in the country where we are registered.

Our IT department suggested we take our apps public, which would alleviate the need for redemption codes, yet would still prevent any users from using the app without a User account, which we control.

Do you have any experience with other clients distributing their JA apps publicly on the Apple app store?

If so, are there any differences in Apple review than to those apps distributed privately via Business Manager?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Hi @gjeremenko

The process is basically the same, I think the only difference is that the Apple Reviewers are potentially a little bit more “stringent”, but that is very subjective based on the reviewer you get and the mood they are in (in short, when it comes to the Apple Review process, your mileage may vary).

We have several customers that do use the Public app store to distribute their apps, in fact it used to be the only option for most smaller customers who did not have access to Apple Enterprise Developer program, and or who wanted to give their customers access to their apps.

So I would not worry about it, the process is clear and the feedback in the review process is clear as well, so even if you do run into issues it will be obvious what Apple wants you to change.

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