Error with empty bind for belongs-to model in object-repeat

I have a dynamic questionnaire that is displayed on a page via object-repeat. Some questions have the option to attach a photo, when the user answers Yes. Since there are many questions, and only a few requirs photo, I would not like to create dummy photo’s instance for each question every time (so, have a photo only when it needs).

The solution works, but when I want to go to the page, the following error is displayed:

main.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined
    at SmartDisplayPhotoComponent.componentDidMount (vendor-@journeyapps.js:1073)
    at Ji (vendor-react-dom.js:1)
    at Sj (vendor-react-dom.js:1)
    at exports.unstable_runWithPriority (vendor.js:1)
    at cg (vendor-react-dom.js:1)
    at Jj (vendor-react-dom.js:1)
    at yj (vendor-react-dom.js:1)
    at Ig (vendor-react-dom.js:1)
    at bk (vendor-react-dom.js:1)
    at vendor-react-dom.js:1

I have made conditions “show-if” for photo component, but it turns out that the polling of values is still going on.

Current solution (Sorry, but my code doesn’t show without those spaces in tag names):

< object-repeat query=“questions” as=“result” >
< single-choice-radio label=“Question” bind=“result.answer” required=“true” on-change=":changeValue(result)" /> < display-photo show-if=":showSavedPhoto(result)" label=“Photo” bind=“” />
</ object-repeat>

( - question has a field “Photo” with model “photo”. The model “photo” has a field with attachment photo)

Is there any optimal solution without creating redundant elements for this situation (dynamic list of question, pictures are not needed everywhere)?

You could use dialog component and populate the body of the dialog with fields/photos based on the selected object. This way you can remove the display-photo from the object-repeat and set a view variable to know which is the currently selected object. Does this make sense?

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Thank you for your idea!
It works.