JA Built-in Text Editor Tool

I would like to include a text editor in one of our apps, much like the one I am typing this topic into.

The app, EFR, allows users to dynamically create forms for other users to fill-out on project sites, so the text editor would be an element, which could be included in one of these forms populated within the EFR.

These forms are generally of a Quality Control or Production Tracking nature and sometimes require lengthy descriptions of situations where users detail out various bullet points and important elements where text formatting comes in very useful.

I saw the reply about Quill.js and am wondering if it only works in HTML or if it will work within the app itself as a dynamically added element… and if not, if JA has a built-in, or other, solution you could recommend.

Hi @gjeremenko

Unfortunately the only way, at least at the moment, to extent the UI is through the HTML component.

And so even though you could probably add some or maybe even all of the Quill.js JS code to your application JS/TS, the nature of the Quill.js project is that it is expecting to be able to interact with the DOM and specific elements within the DOM, and that is only possible through the HTML component.

So then to answer your question directly, the only way to implement a so-called Rich Text Editor / WYSIWYG Editor in your app is through the HTML component.

That said, maybe I have misunderstood your question completely, and it perhaps it would help to clarify what you meant with ...work within the app itself as a dynamically added element ?

Hi @tielman

Thanks for the reply.

One of our apps allows users to dynamically create forms for them to fill-out on project sites, QC forms, production forms, etc.

In building these forms the user has at their disposal text inputs, toggles, select lists, buttons, etc.

We would like to offer the rich text editor to this list, though the forms are built and populated within the app on views and within dialogs.

I believe we would be able to incorporate the HTML component into these views, so I guess this is the only way forward for us.

Please let me know if I am mistaken.

Thanks again.

That is correct.

I am speaking under correction, but I think you can export your Quill “document” (Richly edited text entry) as XML and then use that exported XML to pre-populate another Quill input in a different part of the UI.

I have a basic PoC with Quill.js doing exactly that, let me know if you want me to copy that PoC into your Sandbox environment