WYSIWYG Text Editor

I am looking into creating a sort of document builder utility. User input → HTML templates → PDF. As part of this it would be helpful for users to be able to craft custom formatted text for insertion into the HTML via a WYSIWYG. I haven’t started proving it out, but the thought is to use a custom HTML component with listeners to pass the HTML back and forth to/from the editor for storage in an object with a text field.

Any alternative/additional suggestions? It would be nice if there were an out of the box component for this.

@fthomas For the WYSIWYG component, I would suggest looking into Quill.js to see if it suits your needs. We have some apps that have implemented a WYSIWYG using a custom HTML component with Quill.js and it has worked out quite nicely.

You are correct that you can use the custom HTML component for the WYSIWYG and then save the contents to a text field in the database. If you have any questions when you are beginning to work on this functionality or run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

As for having an out-of-the-box component for a WYSIWYG, this is a great suggestion. Please add it to our public roadmap here.

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Saving as text directly to a DB “text” field is fine for small to medium amounts of text, but if you find you are saving a fairly large amount of HTML then consider writing it to a .txt Attachment instead.

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