journey.env replacing journey.server

I read this announcement about updates to deployments’ backend URLs. I see that we need to change journey.server to journey.env in our apps.

My app is currently on a runtime version that does not support journey.env. At what point will I need to upgrade my runtime version to use journey.env?

You only need to upgrade your app’s runtime version to one that supports journey.env (4.83.7, 4.84.16 and 4.85.6+), and implement journey.env, if both of the below apply to you:

  1. You are using a deployment that was first created after 31 January 2023
  2. In this deployment, you are relying on journey.server to retrieve the user’s environment (“testing" or “staging”*) (example of this in this post)

* In most implementations of journey.server, only staging and testing deployments could be affected since the server URL of the deployment is checked for “testing” or “staging”. Practically that means that production deployments should still work with journey.server even if they were created after 31 January 2023. But please check your own implementation of journey.server to be sure.