What is the difference between the JourneyApps Container and Runtime?

In the app, when I click on About, I can see two version numbers, one for the Container, and the other for the Runtime. What is the difference between the two?

The best explanation for the difference between the two concepts can be found in the docs. Here's a link: https://docs.journeyapps.com/reference/technical/app-updates

Essentially the Container is the thing that you install on your device, and gives your app and the Runtime access to device-specific functionality.

The Runtime is the thing that interprets your app code and assets, and then displays the app for users to interact with. The runtime is much more dynamic, and can be updated over-the-air with your app. You can specify the version of the runtime your app should use from the App Editor in the App Settings under "Version Management".


Is there a specific way to know when we need to upgrade out container or runtime? Where can I subscribe to view the latest changes?