Notice: iOS 15 compatibility for the JourneyApps Container

Hello everyone!

Just a quick announcement that the JourneyApps Container is compatible with iOS 15. There are a few ways that you could be distributing the container, so let me break down the different options:

  1. If you or your users are using the App Store version (i.e. JourneyApps branded) of the JourneyApps Container, no action is required - the current version will load correctly.
  2. If you are using a Custom Branded container, then you will need to get version 21.9.1 of your branded container. Trying to open previous versions will show an error when you attempt to open it. Once you have your branded IPA, you need to take the steps necessary to sign the IPA and distribute to your users. You can get in touch with Support if you are not sure where to get your custom branded IPA from us.

Please let us know if you run into issues or have questions.

Please note that there was a regression in 21.9.1 where it was not possible to open URLs from the app or for some SSO workflows. We have corrected the issue in 21.9.2, which is currently being released to the app store. Please reach out to us for custom branded builds through our support desk.